Story Telling Is An Art That Has Been Around For A Long Time.

Story Telling Around the World

Story telling and story tellers have always been revered in all cultures. It was and is important for people to remember their sagas. Long ago before people started to write, they preserved history via the spoken word, telling their saga's and poetry to one another, and passing them on from generation to generation.

I grew up on a farm in Iceland where telling stories was a way of life.

Instead of watching TV, my eight siblings and I would read, recite and write poetry, create and act out plays, play cards and board games and tell stories. In fact, we didn’t have a TV when I was growing up. However we all had a great imagination and used it to our advantage having a lot of fun in the process.

During the summers my parents had a summer camp for children age five to fourteen. It was my job to entertain the children especially when it rained and they couldn't play outside. On those days story telling was a part of the program.

The children's favorite was interactive story telling, when they were able to participate in the telling of it.

We sat in a circle, and one of the children would be selected to go around the circle and whisper a different word in each person's ear. The only person left out was the person chosen to tell the story.

Then the storyteller (usually me) would start the story, often with the words: "Once upon a time." And so the story would enfold. For example: "I went for a walk one day and I came upon a gorgeous grove where flowers bloomed, colourful birds sang and beautiful butterflies flew around." Here the storyteller would pause to ask one of the children, "And who did I see there?" And the child would reply with the word that had been whispered in his or her ear, perhaps "a cow."

And the story would continue. "Yes, I saw a cow. She was eating the sweet grass that grew in the grove. Her tail was swinging back and forth trying to swat the flies that were bothering her. All of sudden there was a loud crash and ... What made all that noise?"...

The story continued on until everyone had a chance to add their whispered word to it. Sometimes the words didn't seem to fit into the story at all, still it was the storyteller's job to make those words work. This way the story often took unexpected turns and twists and it turned out to be rather hilarious. It was always a lot of fun to tell such stories and the children enjoyed it.

My first winter in Canada, I lived with a family who had seven children, ages newborn to ten.

It was my job to put them to bed every evening and of course to read them a story or two. After a couple of months story telling became the norm. I would turn off the lights and tell them a story in the dark. Those were the stories they loved the best.

Later, when my daughter was old enough, I would make up stories for her on the spur of the moment. Sometimes they turned out to be continual stories. I would start a story one evening and then continue it the next evening and even a third evening. I discovered that this is something children love, and I do too.

Telling stories has always been my passion as well as writing fiction and poetry. This is why I decided to create a webpage with stories and poetry for all ages to enjoy.

Everyone has a story or two to share, even you. So, I invite you to share your stories here at with others from all around the world. Click here to share your story.

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